Our Story

We aim to work with you to make a difference by creating a significant green and sustainable footprint. Contributing towards a circular economy. We believe that change is realised by combining three important points. It was time for a newcomer, A great initiative. An organisation with the right people. 

You can choose to believe in what you think is good and this will impact upon change. Without you, a good initiative will achieve nothing. That is why we are delighted that you’ve come to our website and may end up using an Apple product or are using one already!

What do we do

ABSM, is based in The Netherlands, it is the world’s first marketplace for exclusively Apple products.ABSM provides you with a 100% guaranteed authenticity check on your product. Buyers buy, sellers sell, and when a buy meets a sell, the transaction happens automatically. ABSM is here to give all your Apple devices a second life.