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Apple Watch | New

New Apple Watch are in perfect condition and indistinguishable from new ones. These devices can be sold as ‘comparable to new’.

The Remarketed Apple Watch is packed in a new, sealed box together with a lightning cable, adapter

As new, 100% original parts. Free from scratches and other external damages.

  • New battery (performance above 92%)
  • New dock connector
  • New buttons
  • New glass plate

Apple Watch | A-Grade

A-Grade Refurbished devices are in mint condition and do usually not contain traces of use.

The Refurbished Apple Watch A-Grade is delivered only in Apple Watch Box everything extra is bonus.


Few signs of use, thoroughly tested and in very good condition.

  • Battery performance above 85%
  • May have some (nearly unnoticeable) traces of use on the screen and/or back

Apple Watch | B-Grade

C-Grade devices are in good condition and may contain some traces of use, such as scratches on the screen and/or on the back.

The Apple Watch C-Grade is delivered with charger  everything extra is bonus.


signs of use, thoroughly tested and in good condition.

  • Usually has traces of use
  • Sometimes cracks, chips and dents
  • Battery performance above 85%